Hope is back.

We are Be European Spring. Our program is radically European, social and sustainable. We will no longer stand on the sidelines while Europe is falling apart. We want to end austerity with a Green New Deal. We want to democratise Europe. And we want to give back power to our nations, cities and regions. That’s why we will be running for the European elections in May 2019 in Belgium.

Radically european

We are against this EU, but we’re radically pro-European. And we mean it. That’s why we asked thousands of people from all around Europe to vote for the people to represent us in the European Parliament. The results: 16 amazing candidates.

Laurent de Sutter

Professor and writer

Rosita Allinckx


Adrian Vlaicu


Marine Betrancourt

Communications Professional

"The EU will be democratised. Or it will disintegrate!"

– Yanis Varoufakis

One Europe. One Program.

Be European Spring is part of the pan-European "European Spring" alliance. In May 2019, we will be competing in the European elections in several countries with one common programme.

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