Collect signatures

Help to collect signatures for the European Spring in Belgium

There are two ways how to get Be European Spring on the ballot paper in Belgium.

1. We need 5 signatures by outgoing Members of the Belgian Federal Parliament. If you’re an outgoing MP and you want to support us, you’ll need to sign the C/9 form you can find here, or just get in touch with us via!

2. We need 5,000 signature per electoral college in Belgium, so 10,000 in total! That’s why we urgently need your help.

Here, the Belgian government allows for signatures to be collected both offline [=on paper] and online.

Offline signature collection

  1. Print out the following forms, depending on where you will collect signatures:

    → For the French-speaking electoral college

    → For the Dutch-speaking electoral college

  2. Ask people, and your neighbours, friends and family in particular, to fill out and sign the form (only those who are registered to vote for the European Parliament elections in Belgium can sign).
  3. Please collect the paper forms and send them to the below address by 18 March at the latest:

    Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (DiEM25)
    40 Rue Washington
    Bruxelles-Ixelles 1050

If you are in the position to get your signature collection forms certified (=stamped) at your commune before you send them back to us, that would be great. If not, we will visit your commune for certification after you send them to us.

We have created a guide that answers many questions around the signature collection and offers some advice to make your collection efforts more successful. Find all documents relevant for signature collection in this folder.

Online signature collection

(only possible if signatories have access to an electronic ID card reader and their eID pin)

  1. In order to collect online signatures, we first need to collect some basic data via this form.
  2. We will enter the data into the online system set up by the Belgian government upon which the signatory will receive an email invitation from the Belgian government to validate their signature online.
  3. Upon receiving the email invitation from the Belgian government, signatories need to follow the link that is mentioned in the email, log into the online system by means of their Belgian ID card and an electronic ID reader and follow the instructions to validate their signature by 18 March.

If you encounter difficulties while validating your signature online, please consult the following step-by-step guide: FR or NL. Alternatively, you can contact the service provider of the online tool, Civadis: by phone (tel.: 081/554.500) or email (in French:; in Dutch: